Automotive Manufacturers Using These Best Practices Have Seen:
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Increase in "Consumers' Liklihood to Consider" Performance Measure.
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Increase in "Consumers' Brand Opinion" Performance Measure.

This Free Ebook Will Give You Actionable Steps To:
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Increase Awareness of Your Brand
Be the first name that comes to mind when consumers think about cars.
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Increase Interest in Your Vehicles
Ensure that consumers are thinking about your cars positively.
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Increase Purchase Consideration 
Be a serious option in the final decision making process of consumers considering a new car.
This Ebook Includes: 
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Getting Started
How to plan inward facing production side of your event, and the outward facing public side that guests interact with.
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Putting the 'Basics' in Place for Flawless Execution
The nine basic elements that should be accounted for in every Ride & Drive activation.
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Pushing the Evelope with Guest Experience
Ways to provide a higher level of service to your guests, while building a relationship with them, and collecting the right type of data.
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After the Event Best Practices
Thank you emails, performance reporting, and CRM data transfer.
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Measurement Justification
Track measurments that help you justify your ride and drives against other marketing events.
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The Best Agency Partners
Ensure the right agency is supporting your Ride & Drive to guarantee success.
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